My life is not really that hard, it just seems that way sometimes. I'm just a poor black man stuck way too far down south trying to make each day a little better than the last.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My lie has once again been knocked hard

So..I have'nt updated this blog in..years. i think it's time to start again.

Recently my boyfriend of over three years cheated on me ( i would later find out it wasn't the first time) eneter into a relationship with another guy and to pay me back for atleast not completely cuttting me out of my life. He decided to cut me off after i told him i had dinner with a guy.. Yeah Crazy..

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Need Advice. Need to vent..I don't know.

Let's begin this way.

Question....Your significant other is working late and has school that evening. So he asks you to bring him a change of clothes( his car isn't working). So you drive to his job, pick him up something to eat, sit around for 40 minutes waiting for him to finish his paper and drive him to school. You also drove him to work this morning and have to pick him up from school afterwards. After all this you would expect some appreciation at least a thank you. Know what I got a funky ass attitude because he didn't particularly like the clothes I brought him. So I call him out on that. Know what I got. Not a apology or a my bad. I got a " you should have known better" and I didn't get a thank you because "help from your boyfriend is expected" and after he got agreement from his mom he apparently is completely justified in his behavior and opinion.
The thing about LJ(yeah his name is LJ too) as that he quite often needs help...he just does but he hates asking for help. Mention the fact that you did him a favor and he gets all pissy and starts with "you don't ever have to do nothing for me again" bullshit. At this point this is a relationship that started well and is hitting the wall and I'm thinking maybe it's time to let this one go before it gets too much farther because at the present moment it's feeling a lot like the last one.

If you really believe you don't have to be thankful for the things your partner does for you just because he's your partner. I don't know what to say to that. I think that's the definition of taking someone for granted.

We got into a big fight this morning while I was driving him to work and I said some thing I shouldn't have and I can own up to the fact that I was wrong. That's more than I can say for him. I'm going to try to talk to him this evening and clear this up like adults. He'll either be receptive or he won't. If not then maybe another bites the dust.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Yeah, Hi.

It's has been about nine months since I've written anything in this blog. Hell I forgot I had one actually. I've been on leave for the last couple of weeks with no where to go so, I've been reading some of my favorite blogs and decided to post a little something.

A lot has happened since the last post.

-BooBoo and I broke up last November. That was for the better. While there was a whole lot of drama right afterwards. We're friends now or at least friendly. He's seeing a new guy who he says makes him happy and I'm happy for him.

- I'm going on 7 months in a new relationship( that's him in red up top). He's actually living with me now. It's been really good so far. We've had to deal with a little drama but we've gotten through it. I can say I'm in love again.

- I' just entered the last month and a half of my military career. It'll be a little weird to be a civilian again but at the same time I am so ready to be "free" again. I already have a job lined up. Actually I'll be doing the exact same job I do now with the exception of the bullshit paperwork and deployments. I will be making more money though.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Hey I'm kind of taking a break from everything right now but I have a feeling I'll have plenty to post soon...



Subject: FW: For Those Who Think That Racism Doesn't Exist In America
Importance: High

Hi All.

At the recent NAACP Meeting, President Bush
finally meet with the leaders and assured them that he would sign the
right to vote bill for another 25 years.

My only concern is: Do the other race have to
be subjected to a right to vote extension? Personally, the President, if
he really wanted to show Good faith, should have abolished this bill and
made it simply a right with no limitations. But then maybe I am living
in a dream world. However, I know IT CAN BE DONE!! Voting Rights
Act-Expires for blacks in 2007.

Below you will find a speech that Bill Cosby's
wife gave at a function. Everyone please read this and pass it on to as
many African Americans you come in contact with.

Camille Cosby just made a reference about the
Voting Rights Act in her most recent open letter on racism. This is
extremely important. We are in the 21st Century and we were wondering,
and when I say 'we', I mean others of us out there who wonder if
everyone else out there knows what the significance of the year 2007 is
to Black America?

Did you know that our right to VOTE will
expire in the year 2007?

Seriously! The Voters Rights Act signed in
1965 by Lyndon B. Johnson was just an ACT. It was not made a law.

In 1982, Ronald Reagan amended the Voters
Rights Act for another 25 years. Which means that in the year 2007 we
could lose the Right to vote!

Does anyone realize that African Americans are
the only group of people who require PERMISSION under the United States
Constitution to vote!

In the year 2007, Congress will once again
convene to decide whether or not Blacks should retain the rights to vote
(crazy but true).

In order for this to be passed, 38 states will
have to approve an extension. This is ludicrous! Not only should the
extension be approved, but also the ACT must be made a law.

Our right to vote should no longer be up for
discussion, review and/or evaluation.

We must contact our Congress-persons,
Senators, Alder persons, etc., to put a stop to this! As bona fide
Citizens of the United States, we cannot 'drop the ball' on this one! We
have come too far to let government make us take such a huge step
backward. So please, let us push forward to continue to build the
momentum towards gaining equality.

Please pass this onto others, as we are sure
that many more individuals are not aware of this. I urge all of you that
are able, to contact those in government that have your vote and make
them aware of our combined concern for this issue.

One voice!...... One Vote! You cannot
complain, if you do not
participate.....local, State, & national.....

When I received this one I had no choice but
to pass it on. Please do the same!

Monday, September 17, 2007

So, today is my 28th Birthday... WTF I'm 28...Wasn't i just 21 yesterday? Damn!!!!
I'm not really planning on doing too much... Dinner with a couple friends later. For some odd reason I had a strong urge to clean today. Just finished that actually. I mean I vaccuumed under the couches. Cleaned the floor boards. Everything. Incredibaly odd.

In other the news. The newest member of the Minor clan came into the world early this morning. My lil sister had a baby girl...ON MY BIRTHDAY!! WOW!! That kids going to be spoiled.

I usually treat myself to an expensive myself every year. I spent my gift money on a airline ticket for mom to get to Cali for the birth... Oh well. I'll probably still pick up a lil something.

Update on the the state of my relationship.I don't really have one. It's been discussed and discussed but niether of us has pulled the plug. I'm a coward I know but ...whatever.

Anywho...just wanted to put something down today. I took the day off and don't plan on spending it in the house.

I found this vid just browsing on I don't know. Made me smile...LOL. He was all in it...performed better than Britney though.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Hey Folks,

I really don't have any updates on amything going on with me.. The boyfriend situation is still...THERE.

This is how I feel right now.. They say there is a song for every situation.

Did anyone else think that Ralph was a little "sweet" or just a bad actor?

Why did I have a HUGE crush on him back in the day?

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Movin On ...maybe

Seriously!!! I meant to write about my horrible weekend earlier in the week but work has been crazy. I think I use all my available energy at the gym after work. To think i haven't even started pulling call yet. That will be fun. Despite all of that I really do like my job. Go figure.

I've actually forgotten most of the crazy shit that went down last weekend except for it's beginning and end. Thursday afternoon Texas experienced a downpour that was straight up biblical in it's intensity. On the drive home I drove through a "puddle" that was a whole lot deeper than it appeared. Boom.. My car stalls.. OH S&%&!!!!! Fortunately it was covered by insurance so things worked out. Although my car is still at the Nissan Dealer. They are waiting for a part to come in.
Fast forward to Sunday night. I finally decide the boyfriend and I need to have a talk about the future of our relationship. After prodding that Negro forever I finally get him to admit he's not going to move here. I can't say that I was surprised. Whenever he spoke about HIS future he never mentioned living in Texas. he says there are thing he needs to accomplish before he thinks about uprooting. I'm not even mad at him.. he has to do what he thinks is best for him. I am a little pissed that he acted like I had a ulterior motive for wanting to know what his plans were. Like I had a dude waiting in wings for the moment. I'm also pissed that he acts like every things just great, mostly because I realise now that this relationship is more than likely going to have to end and I'm going to have to be the one who ends it. sucks .. i love him but it's just not working. This long-distance thing was supposed to be temporary. At this rate it'll continue this way for at least another couple of years. I don't really know what I'm going to do and I already know he's going to think there's somebody else. That's just how he is but I can't help that. So-to be continued...........